Proverbs, chapters 7-11

“[…] The desire of the righteous will be granted.”
(Prov. 10:24)

God promises that he will answer our prayers provided they are in accordance with his will (1 John 5:14).
Why does it seem, then, that some prayers go unanswered?
For example, when we lose a loved one…
Is it not God’s will that the person should live?
Like a loving father, God wants what is best for us (De. 30:19).
Jehovah is the Lord of Time, and while he does not control our individual choices, he does control the final results (Isa. 46:10).
If the current system deprives us of something or someone valuable, we can trust that God will fulfill his promise to answer our prayers in due time (Hab. 2:3).
Even so, the more we line up our desires with his will, the more we will discern that he has immediately listened to us and is shaping our outcome.

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