Psalms 1-10

“Those knowing your name will trust in you;
You will never abandon those seeking you, O Jehovah.”

~Psalm 9:10

God’s name is not an amulet that one can use to fend off evil.
Those who use God’s name with faith understand what it represents.
When one prophet asked God the meaning of His name, Jehovah, God replied, “I Will Become What I Choose to Become,” (Exo. 3:14).
Regarding this definition, the 2013 Appendix of the New World Translation says, “In Hebrew, the name Jehovah comes from a verb that means ‘to become,’ and a number of scholars feel that it reflects the causative form of that Hebrew verb.”


The pre-Babylonian and post-Babylonian Hebrew spellings of God's name. (Hebrew is read right to left).

In effect, Jehovah God can cause anything to become.
He can realize His promises to bless his servants.
Thus, ‘Jehovah becomes a secure refuge for the oppressed, a secure refuge in times of distress,’ (Psalm 9:9).

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