2 Chronicles, chapters 1-5

“At the moment when the trumpeters and the singers were praising and thanking Jehovah in unison, and as the sound ascended from the trumpets, the cymbals, and the other musical instruments as they were praising Jehovah, ‘for he is good; his loyal love endures forever,’ then the house, the house of Jehovah, was filled with a cloud.”
~2 Chronicles 5:13

There were about 288 trained singers at the temple inauguration  (1 Chron. 25:6,7).
Their voices had to be audible over the 120 trumpets and the cymbals they were all playing (2 Chron. 5:12).
When we sing at our meetings or assemblies, we do not worry about the instruments drowning out our voices because the electronic sound is regulated by the sound department.
This leads to a tendency to mumble our words instead of praising Jehovah with all our soul in song (Mark 12:30).
The singing aspect of our worship has always been important to God and we should embrace the opportunity to unite our voices in praise to Him, just like the Levite choir must have done in order to produce a clear voice.

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